alampatah sila-dharo gunakaro
hrstah pararddhya vyathito duhkhitesu
abhuta-satrur jagatah soka-harta
naidaghikam tapam ivodurajah
alampatahvirtuous; sila-dharahqualified; guna-akarahreservoir of all good qualities; hrstahjolly; para-rddhyaby others happiness; vyathitahdistressed; duhkhitesuin others unhappiness; abhuta-satruhwithout enemies; jagatahof all the universe; soka-hartadestroyer of lamentation; naidaghikamdue to the summer sun; tapamdistress; ivalikened; udu-rajahthe moon.
He will be a virtuously qualified reservoir of all good qualities; he will be jolly and happy in others happiness, distressed in others distress, and will have no enemies. He will be a destroyer of the lamentation of all the universes, like the pleasant moon after the summer sun.
Prahlada Maharaja, the exemplary devotee of the Lord, had all the good qualities humanly possible. Although he was the emperor of this world, he was not profligate. Beginning from his childhood he was the reservoir of all good qualities. Without enumerating those qualities, it is said here summarily that he was endowed with all good qualities. That is the sign of a pure devotee. The most important characteristic of a pure devotee is that he is not lampata, or licentious, and another quality is that he is always eager to mitigate the miseries of suffering humanity. The most obnoxious misery of a living entity is his forgetfulness of Krsna. A pure devotee, therefore, always tries to evoke everyones Krsna consciousness. This is the panacea for all miseries.

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