ditir uvaca
vadham bhagavata saksat
asase putrayor mahyam
ma kruddhad brahmanad prabho
ditih uvacaDiti said; vadham—the killing; bhagavata—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead; saksat—directly; sunabha—with His Sudarsana weapon; udara—very magnanimous; bahuna—by the arms; asase—I desire; putrayoh—of the sons; mahyam—of mine; ma—never be it so; kruddhat—by the rage; brahmanat—of the brahmanas; prabho—O my husband.
Diti said: It is very good that my sons will be magnanimously killed by the arms of the Personality of Godhead with His Sudarsana weapon. O my husband, may they never be killed by the wrath of the brahmana devotees.
When Diti heard from her husband that the great souls would be angered by the activities of her sons, she was very anxious. She thought that her sons might be killed by the wrath of the brahmanas. The Lord does not appear when the brahmanas become angry at someone, because the wrath of a brahmana is sufficient in itself. He certainly appears, however, when His devotee simply becomes sorry. A devotee of the Lord never prays to the Lord to appear for the sake of the troubles the miscreants cause for him, and he never bothers Him by asking for protection. Rather, the Lord is anxious to give protection to the devotees. Diti knew well that the killing of her sons by the Lord would also be His mercy, and therefore she says that the wheel and arms of the Lord are magnanimous. If someone is killed by the wheel of the Lord and is thus fortunate enough to see the arms of the Lord, that is sufficient for his liberation. Such good fortune is not achieved even by the great sages.

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