atha me kuru kalyāṇaṁ
kāmaṁ kamala-locana
ārtopasarpaṇaṁ bhūmann
amoghaṁ hi mahīyasi
atha—therefore; me—unto me; kuru—kindly do; kalyāṇam—benediction; kāmam—desire; kamala-locana—O lotus-eyed one; ārta—of the distressed; upasarpaṇam—the approaching; bhūman—O great one; amogham—without failure; hi—certainly; mahīyasi—to a great person.
O lotus-eyed one, kindly bless me by fulfilling my desire. When someone in distress approaches a great person, his pleas should never go in vain.
Diti knew well that her request might be rejected because of the untimely situation, but she pleaded that when there is an emergency or a distressful condition, there is no consideration of time or situation.

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