vidhunvata vedamayam nijam vapur
janas-tapah-satya-nivasino vayam
vimrjyamana bhrsam isa pavitah
vidhunvatawhile shaking; veda-mayampersonified Vedas; nijamown; vapuhbody; janahthe Janaloka planetary system; tapahthe Tapoloka planetary system; satyathe Satyaloka planetary system; nivasinahthe inhabitants; vayamwe; satahairs on the shoulder; sikha-uddhutasustained by the tip of the hair; sivaauspicious; ambuwater; bindubhihby the particles; vimrjyamanahwe are thus sprinkled by; bhrsamhighly; isaO Supreme Lord; pavitahpurified.
O Supreme Lord, undoubtedly we are inhabitants of the most pious planetsthe Jana, Tapas and Satya lokasbut still we have been purified by the drops of water sprinkled from Your shoulder hairs by the shaking of Your body.
Ordinarily the body of a hog is considered impure, but one should not consider that the hog incarnation assumed by the Lord is also impure. That form of the Lord is the personified Vedas and is transcendental. The inhabitants of the Jana, Tapas and Satya lokas are the most pious persons in the material world, but because those planets are situated in the material world, there are so many material impurities there also. Therefore, when the drops of water from the tips of the Lords shoulder hairs were sprinkled upon the bodies of the inhabitants of the higher planets, they felt purified. The Ganges water is pure because of its emanating from the toe of the Lord, and there is no difference between the water emanating from the toe and that from the tips of the hair on the shoulder of Lord Boar. They are both absolute and transcendental.

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