chayayah kardamo jajne
devahutyah patih prabhuh
manaso dehatas cedam
jajne visva-krto jagat
chayayah—by the shadow; kardamahKardama Muni; jajne—became manifested; devahutyah—of Devahuti; patih—husband; prabhuh—the master; manasah—from the mind; dehatah—from the body; ca—also; idam—this; jajne—developed; visva—the universe; krtah—of the creator; jagat—cosmic manifestation.
Sage Kardama, husband of the great Devahuti, was manifested from the shadow of Brahma. Thus all became manifested from either the body or the mind of Brahma.
Although one of the three modes of material nature is always prominent, they are never represented unalloyed by one another. Even in the most prominent existence of the two lower qualities, the modes of passion and ignorance, there is sometimes a tinge of the mode of goodness. Therefore all the sons generated from the body or the mind of Brahma were in the modes of passion and ignorance, but some of them, like Kardama, were born in the mode of goodness. Narada was born in the transcendental state of Brahma.

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