tapa atistha bhadram te
tapasaiva yatha purvam
srasta visvam idam bhavan
tapahpenance; atisthabe situated; bhadramauspicious; teunto you; sarvaall; bhutaliving entities; sukha-avahambringing happiness; tapasaby penance; evaonly; yathaas much as; purvambefore; srastawill create; visvamthe universe; idamthis; bhavanyourself.
My dear son, you had better situate yourself in penance, which is auspicious for all living entities and which will bring all benediction upon you. By penance only shall you be able to create the universe as it was before.
In the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the cosmic manifestation, the three deities Brahma, Visnu and Mahesvara, or Siva, are respectively in charge. Rudra was advised not to destroy while the period of creation and maintenance was going on, but to situate himself in penance and wait for the time of dissolution, when his services would be called for.

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