tasyaiva cante kalpo ’bhud
yam padmam abhicaksate
yad dharer nabhi-sarasa
asil loka-saroruham
tasya—of the Brahma-kalpa; eva—certainly; ca—also; ante—at the end of; kalpah—millennium; abhut—came into existence; yam—which; padmamPadma; abhicaksate—is called; yat—in which; hareh—of the Personality of Godhead; nabhi—in the navel; sarasah—from the reservoir of water; asit—there was; loka—of the universe; saroruham—lotus.
The millennium which followed the first Brahma millennium is known as the Padma-kalpa because in that millennium the universal lotus flower grew out of the navel reservoir of water of the Personality of Godhead, Hari.
The millennium following the Brahma-kalpa is known as the Padma-kalpa because the universal lotus grows in that millennium. The Padma-kalpa is also called the Pitr-kalpa in certain Puranas.

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