sargo nava-vidhas tasya
prākṛto vaikṛtas tu yaḥ
kāla-dravya-guṇair asya
tri-vidhaḥ pratisaṅkramaḥ
sargaḥ—creation; nava-vidhaḥ—of nine different kinds; tasya—its; prākṛtaḥ—material; vaikṛtaḥ—by the modes of material nature; tu—but; yaḥ—that which; kāla—eternal time; dravya—matter; guṇaiḥ—qualities; asya—its; tri-vidhaḥ—three kinds; pratisaṅkramaḥ—annihilation.
There are nine different kinds of creations besides the one which naturally occurs due to the interactions of the modes. There are three kinds of annihilations due to eternal time, the material elements and the quality of one’s work.
The scheduled creations and annihilations take place in terms of the supreme will. There are other creations due to interactions of material elements which take place by the intelligence of Brahmā. Later these will be more explicitly explained. At present, only preliminary information is given. The three kinds of annihilations are (1) due to the scheduled time of the annihilation of the entire universe, (2) due to a fire which emanates from the mouth of Ananta, and (3) due to one’s qualitative actions and reactions.

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