kridasy amogha-sankalpa
urnanabhir yathornute
tatha tad-visayam dhehi
manisam mayi madhava
kridasi—as You play; amogha—infallible; sankalpa—determination; urnanabhih—the spider; yatha—as much as; urnute—covers; tatha—so and so; tat-visayam—in the subject of all those; dhehi—do let me know; manisam—philosophically; mayi—unto me; madhava—O master of all energies.
O master of all energies, please tell me philosophically all about them. You play like a spider that covers itself by its own energy, and Your determination is infallible.
By the inconceivable energy of the Lord, every creative element has its own potencies, known as the potency of the element, potency of knowledge and potency of different actions and reactions. By a combination of such potential energies of the Lord there is the manifestation of creation, maintenance and annihilation in due course of time and by different agents like Brahma, Visnu and Mahesvara. Brahma creates, Visnu maintains, and Lord Siva destroys. But all such agents and creative energies are emanations from the Lord, and as such there is nothing except the Lord, or the one supreme source of different diversities. The exact example is the spider and spider's web. The web is created by the spider, and it is maintained by the spider, and as soon as the spider likes, the whole thing is wound up within the spider. The spider is covered within the web. If an insignificant spider is so powerful as to act according to its will, why can't the Supreme Being act by His supreme will in the creation, maintenance and destruction of the cosmic manifestations? By the grace of the Lord, a devotee like Brahma, or one in his chain of disciplic succession, can understand the almighty Personality of Godhead eternally engaged in His transcendental pastimes in the region of different energies.

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