sambhavas caitad-okasam
bhu-patalaunderneath the land; kakupthe four sides of the heavens; vyomathe sky; grahathe planets; naksatrathe stars; bhubhrtamof the hills; saritthe river; samudrathe sea; dvipanamof the islands; sambhavahappearance; caalso; etattheir; okasamof the inhabitants.
O best of the brahmanas, please also describe how the creation of the globes throughout the universe, the four directions of the heavens, the sky, the planets, the stars, the mountains, the rivers, the seas and the islands, as well as their different kinds of inhabitants, takes place.
The inhabitants of different varieties of land, etc., are differently situated, and not all of them are equal in all respects. The inhabitants of the land are different from the inhabitants of the water or the sky, and similarly the inhabitants of the different planets and stars in the sky are also different from one another. By the laws of the Lord, no place is vacant, but the creatures of one particular place are different from those of other places. Even in human society the inhabitants of the jungles or the deserts are different from those of the cities and villages. They are so made according to different qualities of the modes of nature. Such adjustment by the laws of nature is not blind. There is a great plan behind the arrangement. Maharaja Pariksit requests the great sage Sukadeva Gosvami to explain all these authoritatively, in accordance with proper understanding.

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