nantam vidamy aham ami munayo 'gra-jas te
maya-balasya purusasya kuto 'vara ye
gayan gunan dasa-satanana adi-devah
seso 'dhunapi samavasyati nasya param
nanever; antamend; vidamido I know; ahammyself; amiand all those; munayahgreat sages; agra-jahborn prior to you; teyou; maya-balasyaof the omnipotent; purusasyaof the Personality of Godhead; kutahwhat to speak of others; avarahborn after us; yethose; gayanby singing; gunanthe qualities; dasa-sata-ananahone who has ten hundred faces; adi-devahthe first incarnation of the Lord; sesahknown as Sesa; adhunauntil now; apieven; samavasyatican achieve; nanot; asyaof Him; paramlimit.
Neither I nor all the sages born before you know fully the omnipotent Personality of Godhead. So what can others, who are born after us, know about Him? Even the first incarnation of the Lord, namely Sesa, has not been able to reach the limit of such knowledge, although He is describing the qualities of the Lord with ten hundred faces.
The omnipotent Personality of Godhead has primarily three potential manifestations, namely internal, external, and marginal potencies, with unlimited expansions of these three energies. As such, the potential expansions can never be calculated by anyone because even the Personality of God Himself, as the incarnation of Sesa, cannot estimate the potencies, although He has been describing them continuously with His one thousand faces.

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