sarge tapo 'ham rsayo nava ye prajesah
sthane 'tha dharma-makha-manv-amaravanisah
ante tv adharma-hara-manyu-vasasuradya
maya-vibhutaya imah puru-sakti-bhajah
sarge—in the beginning of the creation; tapah—penance; aham—myself; rsayah—sages; nava—nine; ye prajesah—those who would generate; sthane—in the middle while maintaining the creation; atha—certainly; dharma—religion; makha—Lord Visnu; manu—the father of mankind; amara—the demigods deputed to control the affairs of maintenance; avanisah—and the kings of different planets; ante—at the end; tu—but; adharma—irreligion; hara—Lord Siva; manyu-vasa—subjected to anger; asura-adyah—atheists, the enemies of the devotees; maya—energy; vibhutayah—powerful representatives; imah—all of them; puru-sakti-bhajah—of the supreme powerful Lord.
At the beginning of creation there are penance, myself [Brahma], and the Prajapatis, the great sages who generate; then, during the maintenance of the creation, there are Lord Visnu, the demigods with controlling powers, and the kings of different planets. But at the end there is irreligion, and then Lord Siva and the atheists full of anger, etc. All of them are different representative manifestations of the energy of the supreme power, the Lord.
The material world is created by the energy of the Lord, which is manifested in the beginning of the creation by the penance of Brahmaji, the first living being in the creation, and then there are the nine Prajapatis, known as great sages. In the stage when the creation is maintained, there are devotional service to Lord Visnu, or factual religion, the different demigods, and the kings of different planets who maintain the world. At last, when the creation is preparing to wind up, there is first the principle of irreligion, then Lord Siva along with the atheists, full of anger. But all of them are but different manifestations of the Supreme Lord. Therefore Brahma, Visnu and Mahadeva (Siva) are different incarnations of the different modes of material nature. Visnu is the Lord of the mode of goodness. Brahma is the lord of the mode of passion, and Siva is the lord of the mode of ignorance. Ultimately, the material creation is but a temporary manifestation meant to give the chance of liberation to the conditioned souls, who are entrapped in the material world, and one who develops the mode of goodness under the protection of Lord Visnu has the greatest chance of being liberated by following the Vaisnava principles and thus being promoted to the kingdom of God, no more to return to this miserable material world.

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