kridan vane nisi nisakara-rasmi-gauryam
rasonmukhah kala-padayata-murcchitena
uddipita-smara-rujam vraja-bhrd-vadhunam
hartur harisyati siro dhanadanugasya
kridanwhile engaged in His pastimes; vanein the forest of Vrndavana; nisinocturnal; nisakarathe moon; rasmi-gauryamwhite moonshine; rasa-unmukhahdesiring to dance with; kala-padayataaccompanied by sweet songs; murcchitenaand melodious music; uddipitaawakened; smara-rujamsexual desires; vraja-bhrtthe inhabitants of Vrajabhumi; vadhunamof the wives; hartuhof the kidnappers; harisyatiwill vanquish; sirahthe head; dhanada-anugasyaof the follower of the rich Kuvera.
When the Lord was engaged in His pastimes of the rasa dance in the forest of Vrndavana, enlivening the sexual desires of the wives of the inhabitants of Vrndavana by sweet and melodious songs, a demon of the name Sankhacuda, a rich follower of the treasurer of heaven [Kuvera], kidnapped the damsels, and the Lord severed his head from his trunk.
We should carefully note that the statements described herein are the statements of Brahmaji to Narada, and he was speaking to Narada of events that would happen in the future, during the advent of Lord Krsna. The pastimes of the Lord are known to the experts who are able to see past, present and future, and Brahmaji, being one of them, foretold what would happen in the future. The killing of Sankhacuda by the Lord is a more recent incident, after the rasa-lila, and not exactly a simultaneous affair. In the previous verses we have seen also that the Lord's engagement in the affairs of the forest fire was described along with His pastimes of punishing the Kaliya snake, and similarly the pastimes of the rasa dance and the killing of Sankhacuda are also described herein. The adjustment is that all these incidents would take place in the future, after the time when it was being foretold by Brahmaji to Narada. The demon Sankhacuda was killed by the Lord during His pastimes at Horika in the month of Phalguna, and the same ceremony is still observed in India by the burning of the effigy of Sankhacuda one day prior to the Lord's pastimes at Horika, generally known as Holi.
Generally the future appearance and the activities of the Lord or His incarnations are foretold in the scriptures, and thus the pseudoincarnations are unable to cheat persons who are in knowledge of the events as they are described in the authoritative scriptures.

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