romany udbhijja-jatinam
yair va yajnas tu sambhrtah
kesa-smasru-nakhany asya
romanihairs on the body; udbhijjavegetables; jatinamof the kingdoms; yaihby which; vaeither; yajnahsacrifices; tubut; sambhrtahparticularly served; kesahairs on the head; smasrufacial hair; nakhaninails; asyaof Him; silastones; lohairon ores; abhraclouds; vidyutamelectricity.
The hairs on His body are the cause of all vegetation, particularly of those trees which are required as ingredients for sacrifice. The hairs on His head and face are reservoirs for the clouds, and His nails are the breeding ground of electricity, stones and iron ores.
The polished nails of the Lord generate electricity, and the clouds rest on the hairs of His head. One can therefore collect all sorts of necessities of life from the person of the Lord, and therefore the Vedas affirm that everything that is produced is caused by the Lord. The Lord is the supreme cause of all causes.

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