sarvasunam ca vayos ca
tan-nase paramayane
asvinor osadhinam ca
ghrano moda-pramodayoh
sarva—all; asunam—different kinds of life air; ca—and; vayoh—of the air; ca—also; tat—His; nase—in the nose; parama-ayane—in the transcendental generating center; asvinoh—of the Asvini-kumara demigods; osadhinam—of all medicinal herbs; ca—also; ghranah—His smelling power; moda—pleasure; pramodayoh—specific sport.
His two nostrils are the generating centers of our breathing and of all other airs, His smelling powers generate the Asvini-kumara demigods and all kinds of medicinal herbs, and His breathing energies produce different kinds of fragrance.

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