bhurlokah kalpitah padbhyam
bhuvarloko 'sya nabhitah
hrda svarloka urasa
maharloko mahatmanah
bhuhthe lower planetary systems up to the stratum of the earth; lokahthe planets; kalpitahit is so imagined or said; padbhyamout of the legs; bhuvahthe upper; lokahthe planetary system; asyaof Him (the Lord); nabhitahfrom the navel abdomen; hrdaby the heart; svarlokahthe planetary systems occupied by the demigods; urasaby the chest; maharlokahthe planetary system occupied by great sages and saints; maha-atmanahof the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The lower planetary systems, up to the limit of the earthly stratum, are said to be situated in His legs. The middle planetary systems, beginning from Bhuvarloka, are situated in His navel. And the still higher planetary systems, occupied by the demigods and highly cultured sages and saints, are situated in the chest of the Supreme Lord.
There are fourteen spheres of planetary systems within this universe. The lower systems are called Bhurloka, the middle systems are called Bhuvarloka, and the higher planetary systems, up to Brahmaloka, the highest planetary system of the universe, are called Svarloka. And all of them are situated on the body of the Lord. In other words, no one within this universe is without a relationship with the Lord.

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