yasyam sandharyamanayam
yogino bhakti-laksanah
asu sampadyate yoga
asrayam bhadram iksatah
yasyamby such systematic remembrance; sandharyamanayamand thus being fixed in the habit of; yoginahthe mystics; bhakti-laksanahbeing practiced to the devotional system; asuvery soon; sampadyateattains success; yogahconnection by devotional service; asrayamunder the shelter of; bhadramthe all-good; iksatahwhich seeing that.
O King, by this system of remembrance and by being fixed in the habit of seeing the all-good personal conception of the Lord, one can very soon attain devotional service to the Lord, under His direct shelter.
Success of mystic performances is achieved only by the help of the devotional attitude. Pantheism, or the system of feeling the presence of the Almighty everywhere, is a sort of training of the mind to become accustomed to the devotional conception, and it is this devotional attitude of the mystic that makes possible the successful termination of such mystic attempts. One is not, however, elevated to such a successful status without the tinge of mixture in devotional service. The devotional atmosphere created by pantheistic vision develops into devotional service in later days, and that is the only benefit for the impersonalist. It is confirmed in the Bhagavad-gita (12.5) that the impersonal way of self-realization is more troublesome because it reaches the goal in an indirect way, although the impersonalist also becomes obsessed with the personal feature of the Lord after a long time.

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