sva-matuh svinna-gatraya
drstva parisramam krsnah
krpayasit sva-bandhane
sva-matuh—of His own mother (Krsna’s mother, Yasodadevi); svinna-gatrayah—when Krsna saw His mother perspiring all over because of unnecessary labor; visrasta—were falling down; kabara—from her hair; srajah—of whom the flowers; drstva—by seeing the condition of His mother; parisramam—He could understand that she was now overworked and feeling fatigued; krsnah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; krpaya—by His causeless mercy upon His devotee and mother; asit—agreed; sva-bandhane—in binding Him.
Because of mother Yasoda’s hard labor, her whole body became covered with perspiration, and the flowers and comb were falling from her hair. When child Krsna saw His mother thus fatigued, He became merciful to her and agreed to be bound.
When mother Yasoda and the other ladies finally saw that Krsna, although decorated with many bangles and other jeweled ornaments, could not be bound with all the ropes available in the house, they decided that Krsna was so fortunate that He could not be bound by any material condition. Thus they gave up the idea of binding Him. But in competition between Krsna and His devotee, Krsna sometimes agrees to be defeated. Thus Krsna’s internal energy, yogamaya, was brought to work, and Krsna agreed to be bound by mother Yasoda.

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