The summary of the Eighth Chapter is as follows. This chapter describes the ceremony of giving a name to Krsna. It also describes His crawling, His playing with the cows, and His eating earth and again showing the universal form to His mother.
One day, Vasudeva sent for Gargamuni, the family priest of the yadu-vamsa, and thus Gargamuni went to the house of Nanda Maharaja, who received him very well and requested him to give names to Krsna and Balarama. Gargamuni, of course, reminded Nanda Maharaja that Kamsa was looking for the son of Devaki and said that if he performed the ceremony very gorgeously, the ceremony would come to the notice of Kamsa, who would then suspect that Krsna was the son of Devaki. Nanda Maharaja therefore requested Gargamuni to perform this ceremony without anyone’s knowledge, and Gargamuni did so. Because Balarama, the son of Rohini, increases the transcendental bliss of others, His name is Rama, and because of His extraordinary strength, He is called Baladeva. He attracts the Yadus to follow His instructions, and therefore His name is Sankarsana. Krsna, the son of Yasoda, previously appeared in many other colors, such as white, red and yellow, and He had now assumed the color black. Because He was sometimes the son of Vasudeva, His name is Vasudeva. According to His various activities and qualities, He has many other names. After thus informing Nanda Maharaja and completing the name-giving ceremony, Gargamuni advised Nanda Maharaja to protect his son very carefully and then departed.
Sukadeva Gosvami next described how the two children crawled, walked on Their small legs, played with the cows and calves, stole butter and other milk products and broke the butter pots. In this way, he described many naughty activities of Krsna and Balarama. The most wonderful of these occurred when Krsna’s playmates complained to mother Yasoda that Krsna was eating earth. Mother Yasoda wanted to open Krsna’s mouth to see the evidence so that she could chastise Him. Sometimes she assumed the position of a chastising mother, and at the next moment she was overwhelmed with maternal love. After describing all this to Maharaja Pariksit, Sukadeva Gosvami, at Maharaja Pariksit’s request, praised the fortune of mother Yasoda and Nanda. Nanda and Yasoda were formerly Drona and Dhara, and by the order of Brahma they came to this earth and had the Supreme Personality of Godhead as their son.

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