hastagrahye racayati vidhim pithakolukhaladyais
chidram hy antar-nihita-vayunah sikya-bhandesu tad-vit
dhvantagare dhrta-mani-ganam svangam artha-pradipam
kale gopyo yarhi grha-krtyesu suvyagra-cittah
hasta-agrahyewhen the destination is out of the reach of His hands; racayatiHe arranges to make; vidhima means; pithakaby wooden planks piled together; ulukhala-adyaihand by overturning the stone mortar for grinding spices; chidrama hole; hiindeed; antah-nihitaabout the contents of the pot; vayunahwith such knowledge; sikyahanging by a swing; bhandesuin the pots; tat-vitexpert in that knowledge, or in full knowledge; dhvanta-agarein a very dark room; dhrta-mani-ganambecause of being decorated with valuable jewels; sva-angamHis own body; artha-pradipamis the light required for seeing in darkness; kaleafter that, in due course of time; gopyahthe elderly gopis; yarhias soon as; grha-krtyesuin discharging household affairs; su-vyagra-cittahare busily engaged.
When the milk and curd are kept high on a swing hanging from the ceiling and Krsna and Balarama cannot reach it, They arrange to reach it by piling up various planks and turning upside down the mortar for grinding spices. Being quite aware of the contents of a pot, They pick holes in it. While the elderly gopis go about their household affairs, Krsna and Balarama sometimes go into a dark room, brightening the place with the valuable jewels and ornaments on Their bodies and taking advantage of this light by stealing.
Formerly, in every household, yogurt and butter were kept for use in emergencies. But Krsna and Balarama would pile up planks so that They could reach the pots and would then pick holes in the pots with Their hands so that the contents would leak out and They could drink it. This was another means for stealing butter and milk. When the butter and milk were kept in a dark room, Krsna and Balarama would go there and make the place bright with the valuable jewels on Their bodies. On the whole, Krsna and Balarama engaged in stealing butter and milk from the neighborhood houses in many ways.

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