drstva yasoda-pramukha vraja-striya
autthanike karmani yah samagatah
nandadayas cadbhuta-darsanakulah
katham svayam vai sakatam viparyagat
drstvaafter seeing; yasoda-pramukhahheaded by mother Yasoda; vraja-striyahall the ladies of Vraja; autthanike karmaniin the celebration of the utthana ceremony; yahthose who; samagatahassembled there; nanda-adayah caand the men, headed by Nanda Maharaja; adbhuta-darsanaby seeing the wonderful calamity (that the heavily loaded cart had broken upon the small baby, who still lay there unhurt); akulahand thus they were very much perturbed as to how it had happened; kathamhow; svayamby itself; vaiindeed; sakatamthe handcart; viparyagatbecame so heavily damaged, dismantled.
When mother Yasoda and the other ladies who had assembled for the utthana festival, and all the men, headed by Nanda Maharaja, saw the wonderful situation, they began to wonder how the handcart had collapsed by itself. They began to wander here and there, trying to find the cause, but were unable to do so.

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