nandasya patni krta-majjanadikam
vipraih krta-svastyayanam supujitaih
sanjata-nidraksam asisayac chanaih
nandasya—of Maharaja Nanda; patni—the wife (mother Yasoda); krta-majjana-adikam—after she and the other members of the house had bathed and the child had been bathed also; vipraih—by the brahmanas; krta-svastyayanam—engaging them in chanting auspicious Vedic hymns; su-pujitaih—who were all received and worshiped with proper respect; anna-adya—by offering them sufficient grains and other eatables; vasah—garments; srak-abhista-dhenubhih—by offering flower garlands and very desirable cows; sanjata-nidra—had become sleepy; aksam—whose eyes; asisayat—laid the child down; sanaih—for the time being.
After completing the bathing ceremony for the child, mother Yasoda received the brahmanas by worshiping them with proper respect and giving them ample food grains and other eatables, clothing, desirable cows, and garlands. The brahmanas properly chanted Vedic hymns to observe the auspicious ceremony, and when they finished and mother Yasoda saw that the child felt sleepy, she lay down on the bed with the child until He was peacefully asleep.
An affectionate mother takes great care of her child and is always anxious to see that the child is not disturbed even for a moment. As long as the child wants to remain with the mother, the mother stays with the child, and the child feels very comfortable. Mother Yasoda saw that her child felt sleepy, and to give Him all facilities for sleep, she lay down with the child, and when He was peaceful, she got up to attend to her other household affairs.

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