nandah sva-putram adaya
pretyagatam udara-dhih
murdhny upaghraya paramam
mudam lebhe kurudvaha
nandahMaharaja Nanda; sva-putram adaya—taking his son Krsna on his lap; pretya-agatam—as if Krsna had returned from death (no one could even imagine that from such danger a child could be saved); udara-dhih—because he was always liberal and simple; murdhni—on the head of Krsna; upaghraya—formally smelling; paramam—highest; mudam—peace; lebhe—achieved; kuru-udvaha—O Maharaja Pariksit.
O Maharaja Pariksit, best of the Kurus, Nanda Maharaja was very liberal and simple. He immediately took his son Krsna on his lap as if Krsna had returned from death, and by formally smelling his sons head, Nanda Maharaja undoubtedly enjoyed transcendental bliss.
Nanda Maharaja could not understand how the inhabitants of his house had allowed Putana to enter the house, nor could he imagine the gravity of the situation. He did not understand that Krsna had wanted to kill Putana and that His pastimes were performed by yogamaya. Nanda Maharaja simply thought that someone had entered his house and created havoc. This was Nanda Maharajas simplicity.

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