kaṭa-dhūmasya saurabhyam
avaghrāya vrajaukasaḥ
kim idaṁ kuta eveti
vadanto vrajam āyayuḥ
kaṭa-dhūmasya—of the smoke emanating from the fire burning the different parts of Pūtanā’s body; saurabhyam—the fragrance; avaghrāya—when they smelled through their nostrils; vraja-okasaḥ—the inhabitants of Vrajabhūmi in distant places; kim idam—what is this fragrance; kutaḥ—where does it come from; eva—indeed; iti—in this way; vadantaḥ—speaking; vrajam—the place of Nanda Mahārāja, Vrajabhūmi; āyayuḥ—reached.
Upon smelling the fragrance of the smoke emanating from Pūtanā’s burning body, many inhabitants of Vrajabhūmi in distant places were astonished. “Where is this fragrance coming from?” they asked. Thus they went to the spot where Pūtanā’s body was being burnt.
The aroma of the smoke emanating from a burning fire is not always very favorable. Therefore upon smelling such a wonderful fragrance, the inhabitants of Vraja were astonished.

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