TEXTS 35–36
putana loka-bala-ghni
raksasi rudhirasana
jighamsayapi haraye
stanam dattvapa sad-gatim
kim punah sraddhaya bhaktya
krsnaya paramatmane
yacchan priyatamam kim nu
raktas tan-mataro yatha
putanaPutana, the professional Raksasi; loka-bala-ghni—who used to kill human children; raksasi—the she-demon; rudhira-asana—simply hankering for blood; jighamsaya—with the desire to kill Krsna (being envious of Krsna and having been instructed by Kamsa); api—still; haraye—unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; stanam—her breast; dattva—after offering; apa—obtained; sat-gatim—the most elevated position of spiritual existence; kim—what to speak of; punah—again; sraddhaya—with faith; bhaktya—by devotion; krsnaya—unto Lord Krsna; paramatmane—who is the Supreme Person; yacchan—offering; priya-tamam—the dearmost; kim—something; nu—indeed; raktah—those who have an affinity; tat-matarah—Krsna’s affectionate mothers (offering the beloved child their breasts); yatha—exactly like.
Putana was always hankering for the blood of human children, and with that desire she came to kill Krsna; but because she offered her breast to the Lord, she attained the greatest achievement. What then is to be said of those who had natural devotion and affection for Krsna as mothers and who offered Him their breasts to suck or offered something very dear, as a mother offers something to a child?
Putana had no affection for Krsna; rather, she was envious and wanted to kill Him. Nonetheless, because with or without knowledge she offered her breast, she attained the highest achievement in life. But the offerings of devotees attracted to Krsna in parental love are always sincere. A mother likes to offer something to her child with affection and love; there is no question of envy. So here we can make a comparative study. If Putana could attain such an exalted position in spiritual life by neglectfully, enviously making an offering to Krsna, what is to be said of mother Yasoda and the other gopis, who served Krsna with such great affection and love, offering everything for Krsna’s satisfaction? The gopis automatically achieved the highest perfection. Therefore Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu recommended the affection of the gopis, either in maternal affection or in conjugal love, as the highest perfection in life (ramya kacid upasana vrajavadhu-vargena ya kalpita).

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