tavan nandadayo gopa
mathuraya vrajam gatah
vilokya putana-deham
babhuvur ativismitah
tavat—in the meantime; nanda-adayah—headed by Nanda Maharaja; gopah—all the cowherd men; mathurayah—from Mathura; vrajam—to Vrndavana; gatah—came back; vilokya—when they saw; putana-deham—the gigantic body of Putana lying dead; babhuvuh—became; ati—very much; vismitah—struck with wonder.
Meanwhile, all the cowherd men, headed by Nanda Maharaja, returned from Mathura, and when they saw on the way the gigantic body of Putana lying dead, they were struck with great wonder.
Nanda Maharaja’s wonder may be understood in various ways. First of all, the cowherd men had never before seen such a gigantic body in Vrndavana, and therefore they were struck with wonder. Then they began to consider where such a body had come from, whether it had dropped from the sky, or whether, by some mistake or by the power of some mystic yogini, they had come to some place other than Vrndavana. They could not actually guess what had happened, and therefore they were struck with wonder.

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