go-mutrena snapayitva
punar go-rajasarbhakam
raksam cakrus ca sakrta
dvadasangesu namabhih
go-mutrena—with the urine of the cows; snapayitva—after thoroughly washing; punah—again; go-rajasa—with the dust floating because of the movements of the cows; arbhakam—unto the child; raksam—protection; cakruh—executed; ca—also; sakrta—with the cow dung; dvadasa-angesu—in twelve places (dvadasa-tilaka); namabhih—by imprinting the holy names of the Lord.
The child was thoroughly washed with cow urine and then smeared with the dust raised by the movements of the cows. Then different names of the Lord were applied with cow dung on twelve different parts of His body, beginning with the forehead, as done in applying tilaka. In this way, the child was given protection.

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