sapady evābhitaḥ paśyan
diśo ’paśyat puraḥ-sthitam
vṛndāvanaṁ janājīvya-
drumākīrṇaṁ samā-priyam
sapadi—immediately; eva—indeed; abhitaḥ—on all sides; paśyan—looking; diśaḥ—in the directions; apaśyat—Lord Brahmā saw; puraḥ-sthitam—situated in front of him; vṛndāvanamVṛndāvana; jana-ājīvya-druma-ākīrṇam—dense with trees, which were the means of living for the inhabitants; samā-priyam—and which was equally pleasing in all seasons.
Then, looking in all directions, Lord Brahmā immediately saw Vṛndāvana before him, filled with trees, which were the means of livelihood for the inhabitants and which were equally pleasing in all seasons.
Janājīvya-drumākīrṇam: trees and vegetables are essential, and they give happiness all year round, in all seasons. That is the arrangement in Vṛndāvana. It is not that in one season the trees are pleasing and in another season not pleasing; rather, they are equally pleasing throughout the seasonal changes. Trees and vegetables provide the real means of livelihood recommended for everyone. Sarva-kāma-dughā mahī (Bhāg. 1.10.4). Trees and vegetables, not industry, provide the real means of life.

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