vrajaukasam sva-tokesu
sneha-vally abdam anvaham
sanair nihsima vavrdhe
yatha krsne tv apurvavat
vraja-okasam—of all the inhabitants of Vraja, Vrndavana; sva-tokesu—for their own sons; sneha-valli—the creeper of affection; a-abdam—for one year; anu-aham—every day; sanaih—gradually; nihsima—without limit; vavrdhe—increased; yatha krsne—exactly accepting Krsna as their son; tu—indeed; apurva-vat—as it had not been previously.
Although the inhabitants of Vrajabhumi, the cowherd men and cowherd women, previously had more affection for Krsna than for their own children, now, for one year, their affection for their own sons continuously increased, for Krsna had now become their sons. There was no limit to the increment of their affection for their sons, who were now Krsna. Every day they found new inspiration for loving their children as much as they loved Krsna.

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