sarve mitho darsayantah
sva-sva-bhojya-rucim prthak
hasanto hasayantas ca-
bhyavajahruh sahesvarah
sarve—all the cowherd boys; mithah—to one another; darsayantah—showing; sva-sva-bhojya-rucim prthak—different varieties of foodstuffs brought from home, with their separate and different tastes; hasantah—after tasting, they were all laughing; hasayantah ca—and making others laugh; abhyavajahruh—enjoyed lunch; saha-isvarah—along with Krsna.
All the cowherd boys enjoyed their lunch with Krsna, showing one another the different tastes of the different varieties of preparations they had brought from home. Tasting one anotherís preparations, they began to laugh and make one another laugh.
Sometimes one friend would say, ďKrsna, see how my food is relishable,Ē and Krsna would take some and laugh. Similarly, Balarama, Sudama and other friends would taste one anotherís food and laugh. In this way, the friends very jubilantly began to eat their respective preparations brought from home.

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