aho mitrāṇi gadata
sattva-kūṭaṁ puraḥ sthitam
vyāla-tuṇḍāyate na vā
aho—oh; mitrāṇi—friends; gadata—just let us know; sattva-kūṭam—dead python; puraḥ sthitam—as it is just before us all; asmat—all of us; saṅgrasana—to devour us altogether; vyātta-vyāla-tuṇḍā-yate—the python has spread its mouth; na —whether it is a fact or not.
The boys said: Dear friends, is this creature dead, or is it actually a living python with its mouth spread wide just to swallow us all? Kindly clear up this doubt.
The friends began to discuss among themselves the reality of the wonderful creature laying before them. Was it dead, or was it actually a living python trying to swallow them up?

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