sri-bhagavan uvaca
jnatam mama puraivaitad
rsina karunatmana
yac chri-madandhayor vagbhir
vibhramso ’nugrahah krtah
sri-bhagavan uvaca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; jnatam—everything is known; mama—to Me; pura—in the past; eva—indeed; etat—this incident; rsina—by the great sage Narada; karuna-atmana—because he was very, very kind to you; yat—which; sri-mada-andhayoh—who had become mad after material opulence and had thus become blind; vagbhih—by words or by cursing; vibhramsah—falling down from the heavenly planet to become arjuna trees here; anugrahah krtah—this was a great favor done by him to you.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: The great saint Narada Muni is very merciful. By his curse, he showed the greatest favor to both of you, who were mad after material opulence and who had thus become blind. Although you fell from the higher planet Svargaloka and became trees, you were most favored by him. I knew of all these incidents from the very beginning.
It is now confirmed by the Supreme Personality of Godhead that the curse of a devotee is also to be regarded as mercy. As Krsna, God, is all-good, a Vaisnava is also all-good. Whatever he does is good for everyone. This is explained in the following verse.

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