tatra sriya paramaya kakubhah sphurantau
siddhav upetya kujayor iva jata-vedah
krsnam pranamya sirasakhila-loka-natham
baddhanjali virajasav idam ucatuh sma
tatra—there, on the very spot where the two arjunas fell; sriya—with beautification; paramaya—superexcellent; kakubhah—all directions; sphurantau—illuminating by effulgence; siddhau—two perfect persons; upetya—then coming out; kujayoh—from between the two trees; iva—like; jata-vedah—fire personified; krsnam—unto Lord Krsna; pranamya—offering obeisances; sirasa—with the head; akhila-loka-natham—to the Supreme Person, the controller of everything; baddha-anjali—with folded hands; virajasau—fully cleansed of the mode of ignorance; idam—the following words; ucatuh sma—uttered.
Thereafter, in that very place where the two arjuna trees had fallen, two great, perfect personalities, who appeared like fire personified, came out of the two trees. The effulgence of their beauty illuminating all directions, with bowed heads they offered obeisances to Krsna, and with hands folded they spoke the following words.

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