vraje vasan kim akaron
madhupuryam ca kesavah
bhrataram cavadhit kamsam
matur addhatad-arhanam
vraje—at Vrndavana; vasan—while residing; kim akarot—what did He do; madhupuryam—in Mathura; ca—and; kesavahKrsna, the killer of Kesi; bhrataram—the brother; ca—and; avadhit—killed; kamsamKamsa; matuh—of His mother; addha—directly; a-tat-arhanam—which was not at all sanctioned by the sastras.
Lord Krsna lived both in Vrndavana and in Mathura. What did He do there? Why did He kill Kamsa, His mother’s brother? Such killing is not at all sanctioned in the sastras.
One’s maternal uncle, the brother of one’s mother, is on the level of one’s father. When a maternal uncle has no son, his nephew legally inherits his property. Therefore, why did Krsna directly kill Kamsa, the brother of His mother? Maharaja Pariksit was very much inquisitive about the facts in this regard.

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