yam manyase matuleyam
priyam mitram suhrttamam
akaroh sacivam dutam
sauhrdad atha sarathim
yam—the person; manyase—you think; matuleyam—maternal cousin; priyam—very dear; mitram—friend; suhrt-tamam—ardent well-wisher; akaroh—executed; sacivam—counsel; dutam—messenger; sauhrdat—by good will; atha—thereupon; sarathim—charioteer.
O King, that personality whom, out of ignorance only, you thought to be your maternal cousin, your very dear friend, well-wisher, counselor, messenger, benefactor, etc., is that very Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna.
Lord Sri Krsna, although acting as the cousin, brother, friend, well-wisher, counselor, messenger, benefactor, etc., of the Pandavas, was still the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Out of His causeless mercy and favor upon His unalloyed devotees, He performs all kinds of service, but that does not mean that He has changed His position as the Absolute Person. To think of Him as an ordinary man is the grossest type of ignorance.

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