samsthite 'tirathe pandau
prtha bala-praja vadhuh
yusmat-krte bahun klesan
prapta tokavati muhuh
samsthite—after the demise; ati-rathe—of the great general; pandauPandu; prthaKunti; bala-praja—having young children; vadhuh—my daughter-in-law; yusmat-krte—on your account; bahun—multifarious; klesan—afflictions; prapta—underwent; toka-vati—in spite of having grown-up boys; muhuh—constantly.
As far as my daughter-in-law Kunti is concerned, upon the great General Pandu's death, she became a widow with many children, and therefore she suffered greatly. And when you were grown up she suffered a great deal also because of your actions.
The sufferings of Kuntidevi are doubly lamented. She suffered greatly because of early widowhood and to get her minor children brought up in the royal family. And when her children were grown up, she continued to suffer because of her sons' actions. So her sufferings continued. This means that she was destined to suffer by providence, and this one has to tolerate without being disturbed.

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