krsnam ca tat-prabhava-jna
asinam jagad-isvaram
hrdi-stham pujayam asa
krsnam—unto Lord Sri Krsna; ca—also; tat—of Him; prabhava-jnah—the knower of the glories (Bhisma); asinam—sitting; jagat-isvaram—the Lord of the universe; hrdi-stham—situated in the heart; pujayam asa—worshiped; mayaya—by internal potency; upatta—manifested; vigraham—a form.
Lord Sri Krsna is situated in everyone's heart, yet He manifests His transcendental form by His internal potency. This very Lord was sitting before Bhismadeva, and since Bhismadeva knew of His glories, he worshiped Him duly.
The Lord's omnipotency is displayed by His simultaneous presence in every place. He is present always in His eternal abode Goloka Vrndavana, and still He is present in everyone's heart and even within every invisible atom. When He manifests His eternal transcendental form in the material world, He does so by His internal potency. The external potency, or the material energy, has nothing to do with His eternal form. All these truths were known to Sri Bhismadeva, who worshiped Him accordingly.

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