gantum krtamatir brahman
dvarakam ratham asthitah
upalebhe 'bhidhavantim
uttaram bhaya-vihvalam
gantum—just desiring to start; krtamatih—having decided; brahman—O brahmana; dvarakam—towards Dvaraka; ratham—on the chariot; asthitah—seated; upalebhe—saw; abhidhavantim—coming hurriedly; uttaramUttara; bhaya-vihvalam—being afraid.
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The site of Dvaraka, the city where Lord Sri Krsna exhibited His transcendental pastimes as a King during His advent five thousand years ago.

As soon as He seated Himself on the chariot to start for Dvaraka, He saw Uttara hurrying toward Him in fear.
All the members of the family of the Pandavas were completely dependent on the protection of the Lord, and therefore the Lord protected all of them in all circumstances. The Lord protects everyone, but one who depends completely upon Him is especially looked after by the Lord. The father is more attentive to the little son who is exclusively dependent on the father.

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