suta uvaca
prthayettham kala-padaih
mandam jahasa vaikuntho
mohayann iva mayaya
sutah uvacaSuta said; prthayaby Prtha (Kunti); itthamthis; kala-padaihby chosen words; parinutabeing worshiped; akhilauniversal; udayahglories; mandammildly; jahasasmiled; vaikunthahthe Lord; mohayancaptivating; ivalike; mayayaHis mystic power.
Suta Gosvami said: The Lord, thus hearing the prayers of Kuntidevi, composed in choice words for His glorification, mildly smiled. That smile was as enchanting as His mystic power.
Anything that is enchanting in the world is said to be a representation of the Lord. The conditioned souls, who are engaged in trying to lord it over the material world, are also enchanted by His mystic powers, but His devotees are enchanted in a different way by the glories of the Lord, and His merciful blessings are upon them. His energy is displayed in different ways, as electrical energy works in manifold capacities. Srimati Kuntidevi has prayed to the Lord just to enunciate a fragment of His glories. All His devotees worship Him in that way, by chosen words, and therefore the Lord is known as Uttamasloka. No amount of chosen words is sufficient to enumerate the Lord's glory, and yet He is satisfied by such prayers as the father is satisfied even by the broken linguistic attempts of the growing child. The word maya is used both in the sense of delusion and mercy. Herein the word maya is used in the sense of the Lord's mercy upon Kuntidevi.

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