yatha hrsikesa khalena devaki
kamsena ruddhaticiram sucarpita
vimocitaham ca sahatmaja vibho
tvayaiva nathena muhur vipad-ganat
yatha—as it were; hrsikesa—the master of the senses; khalena—by the envious; devakiDevaki (the mother of Sri Krsna); kamsena—by King Kamsa; ruddha—imprisoned; ati-ciram—for a long time; suca-arpita—distressed; vimocita—released; aham ca—also myself; saha-atma-ja—along with my children; vibho—O great one; tvaya eva—by Your Lordship; nathena—as the protector; muhuh—constantly; vipat-ganat—from a series of dangers.
O Hrsikesa, master of the senses and Lord of lords, You have released Your mother, Devaki, who was long imprisoned and distressed by the envious King Kamsa, and me and my children from a series of constant dangers.
Devaki, the mother of Krsna and sister of King Kamsa, was put into prison along with her husband, Vasudeva, because the envious King was afraid of being killed by Devaki's eighth son (Krsna). He killed all the sons of Devaki who were born before Krsna, but Krsna escaped the danger of child-slaughter because He was transferred to the house of Nanda Maharaja, Lord Krsna's foster father. Kuntidevi, along with her children, was also saved from a series of dangers. But Kuntidevi was shown far more favor because Lord Krsna did not save the other children of Devaki, whereas He saved the children of Kuntidevi. This was done because Devaki's husband, Vasudeva, was living, whereas Kuntidevi was a widow, and there was none to help her except Krsna. The conclusion is that Krsna endows more favor to a devotee who is in greater dangers. Sometimes He puts His pure devotees in such dangers because in that condition of helplessness the devotee becomes more attached to the Lord. The more the attachment is there for the Lord, the more success is there for the devotee.

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