antahsthah sarva-bhutanam
atma yogesvaro harih
sva-mayayavrnod garbham
vairatyah kuru-tantave
antahsthahbeing within; sarvaall; bhutanamof the living beings; atmasoul; yoga-isvarahthe Lord of all mysticism; harihthe Supreme Lord; sva-mayayaby the personal energy; avrnotcovered; garbhamembryo; vairatyahof Uttara; kuru-tantavefor the progeny of Maharaja Kuru.
The Lord of supreme mysticism, Sri Krsna, resides within everyone's heart as the Paramatma. As such, just to protect the progeny of the Kuru dynasty, He covered the embryo of Uttara by His personal energy.
The Lord of supreme mysticism can simultaneously reside within everyone's heart, or even within the atoms, by His Paramatma feature, His plenary portion. Therefore, from within the body of Uttara He covered the embryo to save Maharaja Pariksit and protect the progeny of Maharaja Kuru, of whom King Pandu was also a descendant. Both the sons of Dhrtarastra and those of Pandu belonged to the same dynasty of Maharaja Kuru; therefore both of them were generally known as Kurus. But when there were differences between the two families, the sons of Dhrtarastra were known as Kurus whereas the sons of Pandu were known as Pandavas. Since the sons and grandsons of Dhrtarastra were all killed in the Battle of Kuruksetra, the last son of the dynasty is designated as the son of the Kurus.

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