kim idam svit kuto veti
deva-deva na vedmy aham
sarvato mukham ayati
tejah parama-darunam
kim—what is; idam—this; svit—does it come; kutah—wherefrom; va iti—be either; deva-deva—O Lord of lords; na—not; vedmi—do I know; aham—I; sarvatah—all around; mukham—directions; ayati—coming from; tejah—effulgence; parama—very much; darunam—dangerous.
O Lord of lords, how is it that this dangerous effulgence is spreading all around? Where does it come from? I do not understand it.
Anything that is presented before the Personality of Godhead should be so done after due presentation of respectful prayers. That is the standard procedure, and Sri Arjuna, although an intimate friend of the Lord, is observing this method for general information.

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