ekada nirgatam gehad
duhantim nisi gam pathi
sarpo 'dasat pada sprstah
krpanam kala-coditah
ekada—once upon a time; nirgatam—having gone away; gehat—from home; duhantim—for milking; nisi—at night; gam—the cow; pathi—on the path; sarpah—snake; adasat—bitten; pada—on the leg; sprstah—thus struck; krpanam—the poor woman; kala-coditah—influenced by supreme time.
Once upon a time, my poor mother, when going out one night to milk a cow, was bitten on the leg by a serpent, influenced by supreme time.
That is the way of dragging a sincere soul nearer to God. The poor boy was being looked after only by his affectionate mother, and yet the mother was taken from the world by the supreme will in order to put him completely at the mercy of the Lord.

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