imam sva-nigamam brahmann
avetya mad-anusthitam
adan me jnanam aisvaryam
svasmin bhavam ca kesavah
imamthus; sva-nigamamconfidential knowledge of the Vedas in respect to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; brahmanO brahmana (Vyasadeva); avetyaknowing it well; matby me; anusthitamexecuted; adatbestowed upon me; meme; jnanamtranscendental knowledge; aisvaryamopulence; svasminpersonal; bhavamintimate affection and love; caand; kesavahLord Krsna.
O brahmana, thus by the Supreme Lord Krsna I was endowed first with the transcendental knowledge of the Lord as inculcated in the confidential parts of the Vedas, then with the spiritual opulences, and then with His intimate loving service.
Communion with the Lord by transmission of the transcendental sound is nondifferent from the whole spirit Lord Sri Krsna. It is a completely perfect method for approaching the Lord. By such pure contact with the Lord, without offense of material conceptions (numbering ten), the devotee can rise above the material plane to understand the inner meaning of the Vedic literatures, including the Lord's existence in the transcendental realm. The Lord reveals His identity gradually to one who has unflinching faith, both in the spiritual master and in the Lord. After this, the devotee is endowed with mystic opulences, which are eight in number. And above all, the devotee is accepted in the confidential entourage of the Lord and is entrusted with specific service of the Lord through the agency of the spiritual master. A pure devotee is more interested in serving the Lord than in showing an exhibition of the mystic powers dormant in him. Sri Narada has explained all these from his personal experience, and one can obtain all the facilities which Sri Narada obtained by perfecting the chanting process of the sound representation of the Lord. There is no bar for chanting this transcendental sound by anyone, provided it is received through Narada's representative, coming down by the chain of disciplic succession, or the parampara system.

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