saunaka uvaca
suta suta maha-bhaga
vada no vadatam vara
katham bhagavatim punyam
yad aha bhagavan chukah
saunakahSaunaka; uvacasaid; suta sutaO Suta Gosvami; maha-bhagathe most fortunate; vadaplease speak; nahunto us; vadatamof those who can speak; vararespected; kathammessage; bhagavatimof the Bhagavatam; punyampious; yatwhich; ahasaid; bhagavangreatly powerful; sukahSri Sukadeva Gosvami.
Saunaka said: O Suta Gosvami, you are the most fortunate and respected of all those who can speak and recite. Please relate the pious message of Srimad-Bhagavatam, which was spoken by the great and powerful sage Sukadeva Gosvami.
Suta Gosvami is twice addressed herein by Saunaka Gosvami out of great joy because he and the members of the assembly were eager to hear the text of Bhagavatam uttered by Sukadeva Gosvami. They were not interested in hearing it from a bogus person who would interpret in his own way to suit his own purpose. Generally the so-called Bhagavatam reciters are either professional readers or so-called learned impersonalists who cannot enter into the transcendental personal activities of the Supreme Person. Such impersonalists twist some meanings out of Bhagavatam to suit and support impersonalist views, and the professional readers at once go to the Tenth Canto to misexplain the most confidential part of the Lord's pastimes. Neither of these reciters are bona fide persons to recite Bhagavatam. Only one who is prepared to present Bhagavatam in the light of Sukadeva Gosvami and only those who are prepared to hear Sukadeva Gosvami and his representative are bona fide participants in the transcendental discussion of Srimad-Bhagavatam.

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