namanti yat-pada-niketam atmanah
sivaya haniya dhanani satravah
katham sa virah sriyam anga dustyajam
yuvaisatotsrastum aho sahasubhih
namantibow down; yat-padawhose feet; niketamunder; atmanahown; sivayawelfare; haniyaused to bring about; dhananiwealth; satravahenemies; kathamfor what reason; sahhe; virahthe chivalrous; sriyamopulences; angaO; dustyajaminsuperable; yuvain full youth; aisatadesired; utsrastumto give up; ahoexclamation; sahawith; asubhihlife.
He was such a great emperor that all his enemies would come and bow down at his feet and surrender all their wealth for their own benefit. He was full of youth and strength, and he possessed insuperable kingly opulences. Why did he want to give up everything, including his life?
There was nothing undesirable in his life. He was quite a young man and could enjoy life with power and opulence. So there was no question of retiring from active life. There was no difficulty in collecting the state taxes because he was so powerful and chivalrous that even his enemies would come to him and bow down at his feet and surrender all wealth for their own benefit. Maharaja Pariksit was a pious king. He conquered his enemies, and therefore the kingdom was full of prosperity. There was enough milk, grains and metals, and all the rivers and mountains were full of potency. So materially everything was satisfactory. Therefore, there was no question of untimely giving up his kingdom and life. The sages were eager to hear about all this.

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