avatare sodasame
pasyan brahma-druho nrpan
trih-sapta-krtvah kupito
nih-ksatram akaron mahim
avatarein the incarnation of the Lord; sodasamethe sixteenth; pasyanseeing; brahma-druhahdisobedient to the orders of the brahmanas; nrpanthe kingly order; trih-saptathrice seven times; krtvahhad done; kupitahbeing engaged; nihnegation; ksatramthe administrative class; akarotdid perform; mahimthe earth.
In the sixteenth incarnation of the Godhead, the Lord [as Bhrgupati] annihilated the administrative class [ksatriyas] twenty-one times, being angry with them because of their rebellion against the brahmanas [the intelligent class].
The ksatriyas, or the administrative class of men, are expected to rule the planet by the direction of the intelligent class of men, who give direction to the rulers in terms of the standard sastras, or the books of revealed knowledge. The rulers carry on the administration according to that direction. Whenever there is disobedience on the part of the ksatriyas, or the administrative class, against the orders of the learned and intelligent brahmanas, the administrators are removed by force from the posts, and arrangement is made for better administration.

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