api me bhagavan pritah
krsnah pandu-suta-priyah
apidefinitely; meunto me; bhagavanthe Personality of Godhead; pritahpleased; krsnahthe Lord; pandu-sutathe sons of King Pandu; priyahdear; paitrin relation with the father; svaseyathe sons of the sister; pritisatisfaction; arthamin the matter of; tattheir; gotrasyaof the descendant; attaaccepted; bandhavahas a friend.
Lord Krsna, the Personality of Godhead, who is very dear to the sons of King Pandu, has accepted me as one of those relatives just to please His great cousins and brothers.
A pure and exclusive devotee of the Lord serves his family interest more dexterously than others, who are attached to illusory family affairs. Generally people are attached to family matters, and the whole economic impetus of human society is moving under the influence of family affection. Such deluded persons have no information that one can render better service to the family by becoming a devotee of the Lord. The Lord gives special protection to the family members and descendants of a devotee, even though such members are themselves nondevotees! Maharaja Prahlada was a great devotee of the Lord, but his father, Hiranyakasipu, was a great atheist and declared enemy of the Lord. But despite all this, Hiranyakasipu was awarded salvation due to his being the father of Maharaja Prahlada. The Lord is so kind that he gives all protection to the family members of His devotee, and thus the devotee has no need to bother about his family members, even if one leaves such family members aside to discharge devotional service. Maharaja Yudhisthira and his brothers were the sons of Kunti, the paternal aunt of Lord Krsna, and Maharaja Pariksit admits the patronage of Lord Krsna because of his being the only grandson of the great Pandavas.

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