tam dvyasta-varsam su-kumara-pada-
subhrv-ananam kambu-sujata-kantham
tamhim; dvi-astasixteen; varsamyears; su-kumaradelicate; padalegs; karahands; uruthighs; bahuarms; amsashoulders; kapolaforehead; gatrambody; carubeautiful; ayatabroad; aksaeyes; unnasahigh nose; tulyasimilar; karnaears; subhrunice brows; ananamface; kambuconchshell; sujatanicely built; kanthamneck.
This son of Vyasadeva was only sixteen years old. His legs, hands, thighs, arms, shoulders, forehead and the other parts of his body were all delicately formed. His eyes were beautifully wide, and his nose and ears were highly raised. He had a very attractive face, and his neck was well formed and beautiful like a conchshell.
A respectable personality is described beginning with the legs, and this honored system is observed here with Sukadeva Gosvami. He was only sixteen years of age. A person is honored for his achievements and not for advanced age. A person can be older by experience and not by age. Sri Sukadeva Gosvami, who is described herein as the son of Vyasadeva, was by his knowledge more experienced than all the sages present there, although he was only sixteen years old.

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