suta uvaca
mahi-patis tv atha tat-karma garhyam
vicintayann atma-krtam sudurmanah
aho maya nicam anarya-vat krtam
niragasi brahmani gudha-tejasi
sutah uvacaSuta Gosvami said; mahi-patihthe King; tubut; athathus (while coming back home); tatthat; karmaact; garhyamabominable; vicintayanthus thinking; atma-krtamdone by himself; su-durmanahvery much depressed; ahoalas; mayaby me; nicamheinous; anaryauncivilized; vatlike; krtamdone; niragasiunto one who is faultless; brahmaniunto a brahmana; gudhagrave; tejasiunto the powerful.
Sri Suta Gosvami said: While returning home, the King [Maharaja Pariksit] felt that the act he had committed against the faultless and powerful brahmana was heinous and uncivilized. Consequently he was distressed.
The pious King regretted his accidental improper treatment of the powerful brahmana, who was faultless. Such repentance is natural for a good man like the King, and such repentance delivers a devotee from all kinds of sins accidentally committed. The devotees are naturally faultless. Accidental sins committed by a devotee are sincerely regretted, and by the grace of the Lord all sins unwillingly committed by a devotee are burnt in the fire of repentance.

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